Chicama Peruvian Experience

Chicama Peruvian Experience


There is a great deal indeed to be said for imparting a gift upon another, but as with all things in this life it is the how that counts so much more than the what; especially with regard to sharing the delicious dishes from Chicama with somebody wonderful.

Discretionary service charge included.

*Minimum purchase of 2 people

Yes, please

Chicama Peruvian Experience involves a rolling style service of a chef’s selection of our very best dishes, which shall all abide to your prearranged dietary specifications and includes an ice-cold Pisco Sour for each guest on arrival. This works equally well as a special treat for either a partner or a close friend and can be used on any evening of your choice.



Popped corn monkfish cheeks, ají amarillo mayo

Tapioca marshmallow, ocopa sauce

Tuna, avocado jalapeño sauce, fried leeks, lime, radish

Sea bass ceviche, soy tiger’s milk, wakame, sesame

Fried aubergine, plantain miso, pecans

Sprouting broccoli, coffee and smoked chilli dip

Whole grilled fish of the day

Black rice

Banana & yuzu ice cream, torched meringue, coconut