The table is laden with all of the fresh ingredients you will need and the tools required to prepare your ceviches. One of our senior chefs will give a talk on the nuances of Peruvian dishes before showing you a step-by-step guide to creating truly exceptional ceviches. Then, under the watchful eye of our chef. you’ll be talked back through the process as you go about in creating two different types of this delicious fare with your own two hands.

Ceviche Chicama

This is followed by a feasting menu of Peruvian inspired dishes, which have been carefully put together by our team to compliment the fresh, light flavours of your own handmade ceviches.  All in all this is a truly great experience and a chance not only to learn how to create magnificent ceviches, but also to feast on a selection of specially prepared dishes, imbibe a Pisco Sour or two and meet new people who are just as passionate about Peruvian food as we are.

Chicama Feast

Tickets for ceviche masterclasses fly faster than a flaming llama and so we strongly suggest booking with a sense of immediacy to avoid any sense of disappointment. Tickets are priced at Eighty-five pounds per head for a minimum of two people and are available from here. Mountains of love to you from all of us here at Chicama XxxX